• Fernwood Design assists with the process of creating your dream yard, from first design concepts, to landscape plan, to building garden components such as stonewalls or bluestone patios -- all the way to the installation of plantings.
  • Plantings are carefully selected to suit your site and preferred level of maintenance.
  • Your plan will include as many personal elements as possible, like including stones from your grandparents' beach house in your new fireplace or using plants given to you by your aunt in your new garden beds. 

Stone retaining wall and steps

3-season porch and stone terrace with plantings

Stone fireplace, stone steps and bluestone patio

Raised planting bed and stone steps

Stone retaining wall for raised planting bed and stone steps

Custom weather-proof pergola and brick patio

Stone retaining wall for raised planting bed, custom fireplace and patio

Paver garden paths, custom stone fireplace, fence and patio

Custom addition with open porch, site stone walls and stone steps, plantings

Custom Patio and Stone Wall
Contest winner!

Custom stone fireplace with center design

Stone retaining wall with custom fireplace, patio and custom fence

Paver exptension of existing asphalt driveway and ramp to garden shed

Concrete stepping stone walkway, site stone walls and steps