As Tom and I walk around the yard, it is almost impossible to believe the transformation that has occurred. We both want to thank you for the creative direction and the management over-sight that you provided for the project. It is apparent that we could not have achieved the result or gotten it accomplished in the time that you did. We are really pleased and want to thank you for your efforts, attention to detail and professional way you managed all that had to be done. Again, thanks so much for making our home beautiful.
— L. B.
We just wanted to write a quick note to thank you for all that you have done for us. You have been such a pleasure to work with throughout this renovation process, and we greatly appreciate your thoughtfulness and attention to detail though every step of the way. And, of course, we are thrilled with the results of all your hard work. Thank you for your flexibility and for working within our time frame, too. You truly have been wonderful to work with. Please know that we would be so happy to act as a reference for you at any time. Happy Thanksgiving and thanks again for everything.
— L. and C. H.
I just wanted to let you know that the cabinet is painted and the television installed and it looks great! I have to say that when we first brought the cabinet in, I thought it looked huge, but it is perfectly proportioned to the 52” TV above it now. Once again, we would be happy to provide a reference to other potential customers for you. Thanks again. It was really great working with you both.
— C. C.
Thank you so much for the wonderful job on the wall and patio — it’s everything I hoped for and it won Mahoney’s Rocky Ledge contest for me!
— A. L.
Thank you so much for such a great job on the mudroom moldings! We love it!
— T. H.
We love our 20+ tons of wall very much and hope to do the planting of grass in front soon... My son and I spent several hours last weekend putting in bulbs behind the wall. There will be plenty for us to fill in as the spring time blooms ...a new gardening challenge for us. We thank you again or adding so much beauty to our home and sincerely wish you both many, many hours of pleasure at a job you do so well together. Happy Trails to You!
— P. D.
Thanks for all your hard work!
— P. and D. H.
We are having a good summer and the plants near the fire place Terry built have done amazingly well! They all bloomed so beautifully and we have enjoyed that spot this year. It is gorgeous to look at from the kitchen at all times of the year because the stonework complements the yard so well.
— J. W.
I just wanted to thank you both for the great job that you did! The patio looks fabulous. All the work looks great. I can’t wait until spring when things start growing some more! Also, thanks so much for the list on how to take care of our new plantings.
— C. C.
What a nice closing, a tribute to you that all parties were so excited and so satisfied with the finished product. The more I get into doing the building thing myself, the more I realize how few new homebuyers are happy with their builder. You two are clearly the exception, and once again, I have to tell you I feel privileged to represent you. Thank you again for such a smooth transaction.
— D. B., Realtor
Thanks for jumping in and repairing the porch. It looks great, back to brand new.
— G. L.
We want to thank you for the great job you and Terry did on the carriage house-workshop! Now that Tom sees all his tools, etc. in the space, he is very excited about having a ‘place to call his own’.
— L. B.
Colleen and I are totally thrilled with the final product and look forward to the start of Phase 2. Please feel free to bring your clients or even to call us if there’s ever a need.
— M. H.
Thanks so much for all your design help. The window in the Living Room looks beautiful. It looks as if it’s always been there! It’s exactly what we were trying to achieve and more! It was a real pleasure to work with you both — we know who to call for future projects.
— The M. Family
Many thanks for the most beautiful deck I’ve ever seen! We are simply thrilled!
— E. F., realtor
Thank you for the wonderful job on the sunroom and bluestone patio. We are really looking forward to spring when we can plant in the beds and along the house.
— T. and J. H.
The bookcases are absolutely wonderful. Thanks again; even unpainted we’ve received many compliments on the design and workmanship.
— C. C.
Thanks you so much for all the time and effort you put into building the pergola. We really like it and know that we will have many days relaxing in the dappled shade. Many thanks again.
— L. B.
We love everything you’ve done here at our home! Thanks so much for your patience and flexibility!
— The S. Family
Thank you both for all your inspiration and hard work! The garden is looking beautiful thanks to you. I look forward to working with you again.
— L. W.
Thanks Michelle and Terry! We’re quite happy with how everything turned out.
— P. M.
Thank you so much for building us such a beautiful walkway and patio. We love it! We really appreciate all of your hard work, and for helping us out putting the swing set in place, as well as the granite benches. We would love to plan out the stone work in front of the house, when you have time. Thanks again.
— T. and J. H.
Thank you so much for the wonderful stone wall and all of the plantings! It’s really made such a difference. We really appreciate all of your advice and hard work. See you in the spring!
— T. and J. H.
Thanks for an excellent job (on the built-in cabinets and moldings)! We’d like to talk further about ‘outdoor options’ after we get through the crazy spring sports season!
— S. and C. C.
Thank you again for the great work you both did on our addition. We are enjoying it more than we could have imagined.
— J. W.
Every time we go down into the basement, we are so pleased with the design and execution. It is such a pleasant place for us to pursue our hobbies.
— L.B.
We love our new garage entrance! I have already finished putting two coats of paint on it and absolutely love it! We can’t wait for the new (Living Room) window to be installed. Thanks for a great job!
— D. M.
Thanks so much for all your design help. The window in the Living Room looks beautiful. It looks as if it was always there! It’s exactly what we were trying to achieve and more! It was a real pleasure to work with you both — we know who to call for future projects. Thanks.
— D., D., C. and B. M
Thank you for everything! I love it all!
— E. S.
I want you to know how thrilled I am that you are helping build my long awaited office building. Know that I have always had a tremendous amount of admiration and respect for the work that you do. D. B. shared with me a comparison of your specs with other builders — it was not needed! It is obvious both inside and out the love and attention you give to every project.
— E. F., realtor
Thank you so much for the time you spent with us discussing possibilities for a lot in Bolton. We apologize for suddenly disappearing .. we realized that the bottom line was more than we should take on and we are currently pursuing an existing home in Bolton. Clearly, you build a fine home. Perhaps one day down the road we will have a chance to work together. Thanks again.
— S. and M. S.
Thanks for coming back and adjusting the rails. Every time I look out there I smile; it is beautiful. I appreciate you helping to make it affordable this year. The best part is the boys enjoyed their participation and are quick to brag to family members. Thanks again.
— G. L.
Thank you so much for such a great job on the new walkway, patio and portico (or whatever it’s called??)! It turned out even better than we imagined! And thank you for such a nice job spreading the dirt and seeding, and fixing the rear patio!. We really appreciate all of your extra effort and attention to details. As always, it’s been great working with you. Hope you enjoy the rest of the summer!
— T. H.
Thanks a again for such an amazing Job! I’ve been getting lots of compliments from my clients :)
— T. H.